Urinating blood

Urinating Blood

Urinating blood
Urinating blood may come in many forms such as the easily identified gross hematuria, the unseen microscopic hematuria, and red urine that is thought to be bloody urine but is caused by foods and medications.[more]

Urinary Tract Infections

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Urinating blood that is also cloudy usually indicates urinary tract infection but needs to be diagnosed by the urologist for UTI medication and to rule out bladder cancer.

Advanced Prostate Cancer

Advanced Prostate Cancer
Urinating blood as it travels out of the urethra (above), In men urine from the prostatic urethra may indicate late stage prostate cancer.

Urinating Blood

Urinating blood may be a frightening experience but it only takes a few drops of blood in the urine to be seen.  Urinating blood is more often than not a bladder symptom but many urinary symptoms and medical disorders also create blood in urine. Occasionally what is perceived as urinating blood may be not be bloody urine, it may be nothing more than a red or pink color due to a medication or from something you ate. Blood in urine may also occur after a medical procedure or from medications called blood thinners such as Coumadin or aspirin. Long distance running and contact sports may also lead to hematuria, the medical term for urinating blood. Car accidents and falls may lead to blood in urine. Urinating blood may also be a sign of cancer .
Urinating blood may be happening without you knowing it and may only be revealed when a urine sample is tested for microscopic hematuria. Throughout the day our body sheds around a million red blood cells in our urine.  While it sounds like a lot of blood, red blood cells are so small that they cannot be seen. When we have microscopic hematuria also called unseen blood in urine it means that we are urinating over a million red blood cells a day but still not enough to be seen by the naked eye. Microscopic hematuria may indicate multiple disorders and needs further evaluation especially if it is recurring. Gross hematuria is another medical term that simply means that we can visually see the blood in urine with our eyes. Another name for urinating blood that you can see with your eyes is frank hematuria.

Urinating blood is a reason to call your doctor or a medical facility. Describing the bloody urine and any other urinary symptoms or incidents that may be associated with the cause of the blood in urine will help the medical professional to further assess your condition. Your doctor may have you see a urology specialist called a urologist to perform more specific tests to get to the cause of the hematuria and treat it. Urinating blood helps the body to get the blood out of your body but in some cases there is so much blood in the bladder that the doctor or nurse may slide a catheter into the bladder and rinse out blood clots in the bladder and sediment that may be stuck in the bladder.  If you live in South Florida you can call the Miami Urology Specialists at (305) 822-7227 or request an appointment online.

Urinating blood (continued)

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Urinating blood
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